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Are you ready to become impact - FULL!? You've came to the right place!


Impactuful Direction Mentorship is a 30 day TRANSFORMATIVE program


This program was created to remind YOU

of your worth, your purpose and the uniqueness that you carry!


Total Investment: $2,100


What you will receive during this program:


- 21 Intimate sessions that include 1 on 1 strategy calls and group sessions


- 30 Day Guidance Planner




- S.E.L.F

- Branding

- Business Framework

- Marketing/Content

- Building Your Community




Open enrollment is from November 7th - November 25th


The program begins December 4th and and ends January 31st, 2024 ( There will be a HOLIDAY BREAK for you all )




Payment plans ARE available!



You have different options to pay, with this option details are below:


- Pay in HALF - 1st half due on day of purchase, 2nd Half DUE December 14th, 2023 ( Can be split in payments, per request)


* All scheduled payments will be sent by invoice on the day they are due *

Mentorship Program - Half Payment

  • There are no refunds or excahnges for this program. 

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